Frequently Asked Questions

These questions that we have compiled below have come up during our conversation with potential customers like you. Feel free to contact us should you have questions that you do not find below or you want to get more clarification on the answers you read here. We are constantly updating this page based on our web and field experiences.

  1. What is Cloud Computing?

    The metaphor is used to refer the computation that happens on a network of remote servers and/or computing devices that can be accessed online.

  2. Why do we need computing on the cloud?

    Every business irrespective of the revenue or the people size needs computation of one form or the other to keep up with the growing amount of business data. Managing customers, vendors, employees and other resources; tracking orders, inventories and deliveries; generating management and business intelligence and analytics reports - are very essential tasks that behoove computation. The traditional CAPEX model of owning the hardware and depreciating it, owning the software and paying maintenance for it can prove too costly to the modern OPEX model of using shared computing resources that enables pay per use.

  3. We already have computing system in place. Why this then?

    The software as long as it evolves with the dynamically changing business requirements can solve the problem at hand. The software is as relevant as on the day it is specified, not as on the day it is commissioned. To adapt the software to the business changes a business should house software professionals and/or buy maintenance package. The hardware on the other hand racks up the utility and capacity bills. Even barring the initial hardware costs and software license fees the cost of such operation would exceed the benefit many folds.

  4. How does Jooji do it?

    Jooji, a business software developing house, builds and deploys its cloud computing software platform on the network of remote servers in data centers across the globe. Through its dedicated support staff it collects all the growing needs (be it new feature addition to the software or digging into the huge pile of business data to slice and dice an aptly pivoted analytic reports) from its customers, translates to software requirements and goes through the build and deploy cycle perpetually. Since the frequency of the build is so small (about 1 5 to 20 days) even a small change in the business requirement need not wait longer. The well informed support staff trains the customer on the latest features thereby allowing the customer to focus on doing their business.

  5. What is Jooji Cloud Platform?

    We have built a proprietary cloud platform which is highly scalable and customizable to suit the specific solution. Our industry-leading architects and engineers have built this cloud platform to suite the current big data needs such as storage, retrievel, analytics, reporting, etc.

  6. How can we use Jooji Cloud Platform?

    We have currently used our cloud platform to build 3 different software solutions which are Business Management suite/ERP, focused search solutions and community/social publishing platform.

    We can develop any software solution in this platform for your business. For e.g. we can build analytics solution for your business in this platform. Currently we are working on Medical Imaging projects to store, retrieve, analyze and interpret data by developing the software on our cloud platform.

    Moreover, we can use any technology to develop software solution on our platform be it PHP, Java, etc.

  7. What features does your software have and how can we use it for our business?

    Our software is a truly integrated one with various modules which can manage Finance, Accounts, Invoices, Purchases, Sales, Inventory, Production, BOM, Project, Tasks, Customers, Marketing, Vendors, Suppliers, and Reports. You can buy any module that you want which can be just one or all of them. On top of it, you can get reports based on the data you have entered into the system. If you want any custom report just for your business, we can have that for you too.

  8. I am already using another software. Can your software be used with our existing software?

    We will evaluate your existing functionality in the software and based on the complexity, we will provide a solution for you to transfer your existing process to our software.

  9. Can you help us by completing the software which we have already started but are not able to complete it?

    We will transfer your existing functionalities/processes to our software and provide our solution.

  10. We manage all our work right now through various excel sheets. How can we use your software to transfer all our data?

    Once you decide that you buy our solution, we will do a customization for your business. In that process, we will load all your data to the software. You will have time to test and find out that everything works fine by comparing the excel sheet and the software. We will ensure that your transition to our software is smooth so that you can retire all your excel reports.

  11. Our business is unique and we have our own way of doing our work. How can your software help us to carry our business in the same way as we are doing right now?

    We fully understand that each business is unique. That is why we have built our software which is highly robust, scalable and flexible enough to accommodate a business's unique needs. Once you purchase our software, as per your business requirements we will customize the software for you.

  12. Do we have to change our business process according to the features present in your software?

    Absolutely not. We will customize the software according to your business needs. You continue to do your business in your own way.

  13. How long will it take for us to start using the system once we submit our purchase order?

    Even before we send you a quote, our team will get in touch with you to understand your business. Once we understand your process, we will identify the gaps that exist between your requirements and our existing features. Based on the gaps and work required, we will provide you an estimate of the time it will take to fully customize the software according to your business needs.

  14. If we require any features in addition to what is already in the software, can you provide it for us?

    Sure. During our initial requirement and gap analysis, we will let you know what we can do and how long will it take for us to do. Based on the requirement, we may have to charge in addition to the standard charges we have for each module.

  15. If we want to modify certain process in the software to match our business process, can you do it for us?

    Yes. That is what our customization phase does and we will do it according to your business process.

  16. What is the price of the software? What are the factors which are involved in pricing the software?

    The price of the software depends on the number of modules, number of users and delivery type. We deliver the software either as SaaS Cloud, Private Cloud and Standalone.

  17. What are the different delivery options?

    In SaaS Cloud, there will be an initial customization charge and monthly payments as long as you subscribe to the software. In this option, there is no initial investment for software, you don't have to own any servers and you don't need an IT Team in-house. In this option, it will be very easy to customize the software if in future you need to modify or add features because of changing business needs. You will need internet connection to access the software. You will be able to access the software anytime and anywhere as long as there is an internet connection.

    In Private Cloud, there will be an initial customization charge and then installation charge of software in your office premises. The software is installed in your intranet. There will be initial investment for the software as installation charges. You will need servers to run the software. If in future you will need to change/add any feature, we can do it by remotely accessing your server and upgrading the software. Since it is in your intranet, you will need to arrange for your own VPN (Virtual Private Network) server, install and buy VPN access software to access the software from outside your office. You will need an Internet connection to access VPN server from outside the office.

    In Standalone, there will be an initial customization charge and then installation charge of software in your office. The software is installed in local computers and you will have to tell us how many users will be using the software. Once the software is installed in your local computer, we will not be able to make any changes/addition in the future. If any such requests are required in the future, you will have to pay extra for them and will do it as an engagement process. You will not be able to access the software from anywhere apart from the particular computer from which it is installed.

  18. Will I be able to access the software from my mobile phone?

    Under SaaS Cloud option, you will be able to access the software from mobile phone. Please note, our web based clients are not optimized to the small screens — data input and viewing certain reports might be cumbersome

  19. Will I be able to access the software from any office location?

    Under SaaS Cloud and private cloud options, you will be able to access the software from any of your office locations.

  20. We don't have reliable internet connection. How can we still use your software?

    If you think you don't have reliable internet connection, you can opt for standalone option.

  21. Can we buy some modules in cloud and some as standalone?

    It is possible, but it depends on your requirement. For instance, if you need a POS that needs to be up and running all the time in your premises — cannot rely on the internet connection at your end, you can choose to get the POS as standalone and have the other back office workflow on the cloud — like purchases, bookkeeping and reporting, syncing the POS with the cloud at regular possible intervals.

  22. Will the price vary if we purchase the software with different delivery options?

    The price will initially appear to vary with different delivery options but over a period of time all options will be almost the same. More than the price, we think that the different delivery options are provided by us to best suit your business needs. The initial customization charge will be the same under all options. The differences in initial installation charges (under private cloud and standalone) and monthly payments will give you a thought that prices vary under different options.

    We suggest you evaluate your business needs such as changing business needs, accessibility, number of users, initial investment in servers, need to have an IT Team in-house, etc.. to decide on a delivery option.

  23. How can we reach you to schedule a time for demo?

    Please submit a request in our contact us page and provide us your contact phone number and email so that either our system generates a demo account on the standard systems or our sales team will get in touch with you and arrange for a specific demo scenario.

  24. What type of businesses/clients are using your software?

    Our software is being used by businesses under different sizes and industries. Our solutions are used by hospitals/physician clinics, manufacturing units, real-estate construction, real-estate brokers, interior decorators, Auditors, fashion designers, product service providers and Non-profit businesses. We are expanding our client base to include users from many other verticals/industries as well.

    • hospitals and physician clinics use our solutions for their end-to-end business management. They use it for patient registration, booking of appointments for physician consultation, rooms, operation-theater, managing their stocks (inventories), insurance, accounts. They also use it for their pharmacies. Since all is integrated in our software, they find it very useful to manage their processes and get real-time reports.
    • Manufacturing units use our solutions. They use it for their purchases, work orders, BOM, machine-scheduling, MRPs and inventory management.
    • Real estate construction use our solutions. They use it for purchases, inventory management, labor payments and cost management.
    • Real estate brokers use our solutions. They find our solution very useful as we combine our website development service and our ERP solution. We develop the website for them and any requests submitted by the visitor goes directly into the ERP system. This way they use it both as a marketing tool and as a business management software. They use it to list all the units (homes or office spaces or plots) in the website and collect their contact information, display sold-out properties, etc
    • Auditors use our solutions. They use it to manage their clients, get their clients' financial statements, manage their own in-house processes, etc
    • product service providers use our solution to manage their clients, warranty periods, billing based on warranty period or outside warranty period, accounts, purchses, sales, etc
    • Interior decorators and fashion designers use our software to manage their customers, purchase inventories based on stock level, store measurements, manage accounts, etc
    • Non Profit businesses use our solution to manage their resources (employees, customers, students, real estate), donations/receivables, expenses, payments, etc.. To suit to their tax reporting and accounting purposes, we have special attributes to suit to their business needs to maintain their financial statements.
  25. If we get any new requirements or need any changes in the future, can we get those for our business in the existing software?

    Definitely we can upgrade the software to suit your additional features. But please keep in mind the ease of this upgradation will depend on your delivery option. It is very easy to do such additions under SaaS and private cloud options. For standalone, it will require as a separate engagement to get it done and then re-install the software in your local computer. Also, check out the Comparison Guide

  26. I want to get some analytics done with the data I have already in the system. How can we use your services?

    The first step is to start using analytics is to subscribe to our BI (Business Intelligence) report module. Once your business grows and you want to analyze your own data for future business planning, we can add those features to the existing software to start doing analytics. Top management or business owners will find this very useful as they can make decisions based on data that is collected over time.

  27. Can your software be used by businesses anywhere in the world?

    We are expanding our client base outside India. We customize the software to suit to their country requirements especially accounting standards, currencies, measurement units, payroll deductions, etc

  28. How do your ERP suite products compare with other products which are in the market?

    Although we did our thorough home-work and market research to study other products in the market, we do not want to provide you a comparison study of other products. We will explain to you all the features and further all those which are unique to our products as are made available on this site. Based on our inputs, we request that you do a comparison to make your own judgment.

  29. Who runs the company and where are you located?

    Our company is started and run by people who have 20-30 years of experience in the software industry. They have managed and executed many projects across the globe and across industries. Our development center is in Chennai and our sales offices are in Chennai, Bengaluru, Hydrabad.

  30. How can we engage your services?

    As you may know by now, we provide many different solutions for our customers/partners. We will be happy to discuss about our engagement be it as a customer, business partner, employee, please call us on the phone or send us an email or message us.

  31. I would like to explore as a potential business partner. How can we reach you?

    We are very happy to explore the possibility of you joining as a partner for us especially to help us in our marketing/sales efforts. If you are interested, please call us on the phone or send us an email or message us.